Things to Know About Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

What is a Double Walled Glass Mug?

For the uninitiated, double-walled glass mugs are clear-looking and glass. What you might not expect is that they’re significantly thicker than a simple glass mug. The big problem I have with both glass mugs, and normal ceramic ones, is that they get hot (when holding coffee). Sometimes (too often) uncomfortable to hold because the hot moves so seamlessly from the outside to the handle area.

Double glass walls (almost always with air in between) fixes that problem. Super well. Double wall glasses look great, feel great, and never sweat (when holding cold beverages) nor make your hand uncomfortably hot.

There is a big thing to know about double-walled glasses: their thickness is both more and less. The actual glass layer compared to a conventional glass mug or pint glass, is actually much thinner. The overall wall is almost always thicker, but each of the two walls of glass is actually narrower. That does make them likely to be bit more fragile in a drop test or under a compressive force.


The Major Benefits of a Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug

  1. They’re often significantly lighter than their ceramic counterparts. For normal mugs in our kitchen, all are about the same volume and quality of construction: the ceramic one was 370 grams, the (thick, single-walled) glass one was 320g. The double walled glass one was 200 grams. That’s just over half the weight. You notice that if you’re holding your cup a lot.
  2. While you hold a lighter coffee cup, you get great thermal isolation.We’ve never compared double-walled glass to the increasingly ubiquitous-in-America Yeti cup. But both of them are much better insulators than we’re use to, and will keep your hots hot and your colds cold better than most mugs.
  3. Double-walled glass cups are clear. This is kind of “duh” for most, but because it’s glass (not ceramic), we always know exactly how much coffee we left in the mug we left across the room.
  4. Double-walled mugs are beautiful. This is the most subjective, but also the one we feel most strongly: clear, double-walled glasses (on average) look better than comparable single-walled glass or ceramic vessels.
  5. They’re often comfortably handle-less.This relates to the above points: because of the thermal qualities of it, a handle-less double-walled glass mug is both possible and common. And no, unlike that old mug you didn’t throw away after you lost its handle, you won’t feel your hand getting uncomfortably hot from the hot beverage inside.



What Qualities to Look for in Double-Wall Glass Mugs

  • A pleasing shape
  • No weird collecting points for water/etc to intrude into the air-gap.
  • Durability (MUST be dishwasher safe)