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About Clean & Clear Glass - The Best Online Headshop

Here at Clean & Clear Glass(CCG),our team is enthusiastic about what we do! We work together to find the coolest new smoking accessories, provide a fun and easy shopping experience, get your stuff to you safely, and answer your questions along the way! For over a decade, you've helped us grow CCG into one of the most successful online headshops today. With our great team and warehouse, we are an international company that ships worldwide.

A Brief History

We started CCG because just like you, we were tired of the unreliable online headshops out there. We noticed that other online shops were sketchy, had terrible customer service, and you never knew if you'd actually receive your products. We decided to change that by offering the best customer service out there. Feel free to contact our support team by phone, email, Facebook message, Instagram DM, snail mail, or send a pigeon. We will always respond within 24 hours

Our online headshop carries a wide selection of the highest quality smoking glasses and vapes. We stock Glass Bongs,water pipes, bubblers, Concentrate Dab rigs, hand pipes, accessories and so much more.

We have our own factory to produce all kinds of glass smoking wares at higher quality control standards
Due to our top quality and function,we had been sucessfully offered many OEM branding services all over the world

CCG was founded with the vision that it would be a meeting place for like-minded people interested in smoking and alternative lifestyle discussions, a welcoming hang-out spot and global forum for all things smoking-related.

Clean & Clear Glass Headshop

If you like smoking (and we think you do), you can imagine how much we enjoy searching the globe for new smoking-related products to get excited about. The items we sell in our shop are hand-picked to offer you the widest selection, from grinders and rolling papers to one-of-a-kind glass bongs, pipes, oil rigs and bubblers. From hand pipes, water pipes and recyclers to concentrate accessories, dabbers and nails, you name it - we have it. 

Our focus is customer satisfaction, so our team works hard to provide you with value for money, prompt and professional support, free shipping and discreet packaging. We offer bulk discounts and special coupon discounts for our members and loyal customers. Feel free to contact our support team here! Keep track with us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest contests, giveaways and upcoming sales.

Thanks for visiting us at CCG! We hope you enjoy our shop and our service so you can highly recommend us to your friends.

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